Ampol Products Wharf

Featured Project: Ampol Products Wharf

Type: Commercial
Date: January 2020 to present
Client: Ampol
Project: Ampol Products Wharf

FSACE’s ongoing involvement with Ampol at the Lytton Products Wharf includes the following:

  • In 2020 completing a structural review of the full structure and providing an updated report on the damaged piles including remedial repair drawings;
  • In 2021 completing a refurbishment study of the existing structure including workshops with Ampol to agree on the parameters of the outcomes of the proposed refurbishment works;
  • Providing quarterly structural engineering inspections of the wharf substructure and superstructure;
  • Completing a quarterly level survey to monitor movement of the structure;
  • Providing a structural engineering report of the findings including remedial design for any defects found during the investigations;
  • Providing structural engineering design and drawings of the upgrade of the following wharf components:
    • Wharf access way 1 including pipe rack
    • Wharf access way 2
    • Wharf head

Featured Project

Type: Ampol Products Wharf

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The recent condition report completed by FSACE was excellent and we appreciate their prompt action on this project.  

Phil Bai, Director - ETEFAA