Shiploader and Berth Replacement (SABR) Project

Featured Project: Shiploader and Berth Replacement (SABR) Project

Type: Marine
Date: June 2020 to present
Client: McConnell Dowell Creative Construction
Project: Shiploader and Berth Replacement (SABR) Project

FSACE have been intrinsically involved in a variety of marine and temporary works designs for the Hay Point Shiploader and Berth Replacement Project, located at the Hay Point Coal Terminal near Mackay Queensland. The project involves the replacement of one of the terminals existing wharfs and Shiploader to improve cyclone resilience and sustainability of operations. Our involvement in this project is detailed as follows:

  • Design and documentation of temporary walkway systems including the following components:
    • Design and documentation of thirty-six (36) temporary ‘Walk to Work’ walkway modules, including the design of a bespoke tension clamping solution for those modules located in and around tidal surge zones. Within this zone, no fixings were permitted into the caisson structure. As such, FSACE undertook optioneering to ensure that a practicable and safe clamping system design was provided.
    • Design of more than thirty (30) sliding and rotating walkway systems to facilitate the staged construction. These walkways were capable of covering spans up to 39m in length.
    • Design of bespoke working platforms which included crane-free sliding under deck access platforms.
    • Design of barge access and seawall walkway systems.
  • Design and documentation of a scour mattress lifting beam system capable of lifting 2 different scour mattress types. The design included a remote hydraulic release system and modular assembly capable of lifting 1, 2 or 4 mats at a given time.
  • Design review and documentation for the client proposed precast casting bed. FSACE specified the overall bed dimensions, key joint arrangements, concrete strength requirements and reinforcement detailing.
  • Design review and documentation for a variety of demolition and construction lifts. These included design modelling, lifting verification, as built assessments of existing structure lifts up to 172t and 72m in length.
  • Modelling and client support relating to heavy lift vessel logistics including positioning support in and around existing structures and construction zones. FSACE also undertook reviews of the client proposed mooring designs.
  • Provision for support during the construction phase of the project including 3D modelling and clash detection to ensure a smooth delivery.

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The recent condition report completed by FSACE was excellent and we appreciate their prompt action on this project.  

Phil Bai, Director - ETEFAA