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Peter Berry Structural Engineer


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William Lottering Structural Engineer


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Jamie Mangan Structural Engineer


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Neil Myburg Senior Project Manager


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Maciej Zakrzewski Structural Engineer


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David Marshall Structural Engineer

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Orlando Lopes Structural Engineer

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Bruno Rodrigues Structural Engineer

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Arvin Silagan Structural Engineer

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Chris Norrie Structural Engineer

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Thomas Withers Structural Engineer

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Bailey Townsend Structural Engineer

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Cobus Becker Structural Engineer

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Anou Debao Structural Engineer

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Daniel Lombard Structural Engineer

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Timothy Harding Mechanical Engineer

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Wico de Kock Structural Engineer

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Rafael Santos Structural Engineer

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Louis Kok Structural Engineer

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Dante Macabante Structural Drafter

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Leigh van Rooyen Structural Drafter

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Raymund Hipe Structural Drafter

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Bruce Hodgkiss Structural Drafter

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Wade Wolter Structural Drafter

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Ruan van Rooyen Structural Drafter

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Mae Marco Structural Drafter

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Sherwin Ibanez Structural Drafter

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Donnix Abaincia Structural Drafter

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Chystalyn G. Amatosa Structural Drafter

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Lorecar C. Cabudsan Structural Drafter

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Bridget Stephens Sales Manager

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Melissa Myburg Administration Assistant

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Aidan Berry Sales and Project Assistant

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Luisa Lottering Design Assistant

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Stephan Becker Design Assistant

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Daniela Costa Teixeira Design Assistant

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Featured ProjectKingsford Smith Drive Upgrades

Date: September 2016 to November 2020
Client: Lend Lease Engineering
Project: Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrades

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The recent condition report completed by FSACE was excellent and we appreciate their prompt action on this project.  

Phil Bai, Director - ETEFAA